Xplor in the Southern Yucatán

Today was one of the most adventurous days I have had is a while. Color is a large piece of Natural land set aside for just that. Exploring. We zip lines all over the terrain! Totally amazing views from 100 meter high. The zip lines were so well done traversing the entire complex.

We also drove the amphib vehicles through the 5k course above and below ground! We geeked through a huge part of the mangrove and tropical jungle. Then we moved on to the River swim. 2k through the cenote cave system. The water was so clear underground and the the stalactites and stalagmites were totally incredible ! Millions of intricate rock formations.

To say this was a good day would be a severe understatement! Xplor is awesome ! Highly recommended!

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Chris Auditore Photography

Commercial Photographer with clients throughout the US. Our work has been featured on the covers of some of the most popular Hotrod, Racing and Motorcycle Publications. We are resident photographers for ShockerRacing.Com, Badass Online Magazine and Street Rods By Michael.

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