Portfolio of My Work

My work is my passion. I am constantly working on improving my technique for shaping light. Below are some samples of the level of work that we put out. Most of our work is used for promotional pieces for singer/songwriters, automotive manufacturers, motorcycle builders and others. I pride myself on being somewhat different in my approach to a shoot. Join me on my quest to take some of the most eye capturing images you will ever see !

Alysa Megan for #AdvanBlack !

AdvanBlack called us for some killer shots of there products. So Alysa Megan was picked to be one of there first models! She did not disappoint and the bike was over the top.

Bike owner : James Boyette

Location: Huntsville,Alabama

What can we Shoot for your company !

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Xplor in the Southern Yucatán

Today was one of the most adventurous days I have had is a while. Color is a large piece of Natural land set aside for just that. Exploring. We zip lines all over the terrain! Totally amazing views from 100 meter high. The zip lines were so well done traversing the entire complex.

We also drove the amphib vehicles through the 5k course above and below ground! We geeked through a huge part of the mangrove and tropical jungle. Then we moved on to the River swim. 2k through the cenote cave system. The water was so clear underground and the the stalactites and stalagmites were totally incredible ! Millions of intricate rock formations.

To say this was a good day would be a severe understatement! Xplor is awesome ! Highly recommended!

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Wonderful day at XCARET in the Yucatan, The wildlife in the Mexican Jungle is totally amazing. XCARET is a tourist destination but the jungle surrounding it is intensely awesome. Just off the trails you will find the most amazing wildlife and ruins of the Mayan civilization buried in the jungle for centuries. The cave river system is very cool also.

The show at the end of the day is a bit lengthy after a long day of trekking but is very entertaining and a historical journey through Mexican culture.

Enjoy some of the pictures of what I have found on my day! Hope you enjoy.

Changing the site.

After long thought about the website I have been using to host I decided to make a change in the company that hosts my site. We are now housed on WordPress. I really wanted a more open forum to be able to show and talk about some of the shoots I have been doing as of late.

This game has grown and evolved over the past 5 years. So I think it was time for a change on the website. I would really like to use this platform to communicate better with the audience and client bases.

So. Please be patient with me while I work out the new direction of my work online. You guys are the best !!!!!!